Difference Between Shallow and Deep Foundation

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What is the Foundation?

Foundation is one of the crucial parts of the structure. The foundation helps to transfer the total loads from structure to soil, it provides stability to structure.

Foundation fundamentally classified into two different types, such as Shallow Foundation and Deep Foundation.

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Difference Between Shallow and Deep Foundation

Sr No.SourceShallow FoundationDeep Foundation
1.DefinitionWhere the foundation is placed on the surface of the earth and load transfer to the shallow depth its called shallow foundation Where the Depth of the foundation is more than width it’s called Deep Foundation
2.Depth of Foundation The Depth of the Shallow foundation is normally less than 3 meter or the depth of the foundation is less than a width of the footing.Depth of the Deep foundation is more than Shallow Foundation or more than the width of the footing.
3.Cost-wiseCost-wise, Shallow foundation is cheaper in cost.Generally, Deep foundation is more expensive than Shallow foundation.
4.WorkabilityA shallow foundation is very easy to Construct.A Deep Foundation Construction process is very complex compared to Shallow foundation.
5.Process of Load transfer.Mostly shallow foundation transfer its load to end bearing.A Deep Foundation relay on both end bearing and skin friction, with exceptions of the end-bearing pile.
6.Advantages.Construction of Shallow Foundation is very easy and affordable.
It requires less Manpower.
A Deep Foundation provides lateral support and resists uplift. Foundation can carry a huge load.
7.DisadvantagesIn Shallow Foundation there is Chance of Soil Settlement. This type of Structures is weak against lateral loads. Cost-wise it is more expensive. Requires skilled labor to complete the task.

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Types of Shallow Foundation

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Different types of Shallow Foundation

  1. Strip Footing


    Learn More about Strip Footing

  2. Spread or isolated Footing

    Learn More About Spread Or Isolated Footing

  3. Combined footing strap Or Cantilever Footing

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  4. Mat or Raft Foundation

    Learn More about Raft or Mat Foundation

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Types of Deep Foundation

Deep Foundation

There are Two Different Types of Deep Foundation

  1. Pile Foundation
  2. Pier Foundation

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