Civil Engineering or Architecture: which one is for me?

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If you are in doubt between Civil Engineering or Architecture, do not worry. Perhaps it is because both races have several points in common, although they are very different. We help you choose your path!

Civil Engineering or Architecture

Choosing a career is a very difficult decision and it can become even more complicated when you have to choose between some options that are very similar. In fact, one of the most common comparisons causing confusion among potential students is Civil Engineering vs. Architecture.

The two careers have a lot in common since in both cases the main objective of those who study them is to work in the construction field and, although there are many positions that can actually be covered by either of the two, professional development that each one carries has very important differences.

If you are thinking of studying one of these two careers, it is highly recommended that you know their characteristics so that you know what makes them different. For this reason, today we bring you some of the most important differences that exist between these two careers and you can make the right decision for yourself.

Civil Engineering or Architecture

The vision of the construction is different

Possibly the most marked difference between the two careers is that the architect is more involved in the design of the constructions he directs, while the civil engineer focuses more on calculating the sustainability of the projects.

Architects, when designing their works, must also keep in mind the idea of ​​how they want the finished product to look and they have to visualize in advance the materials with which they are going to work to ensure that the design is achieved as it is. have planned. It is worth mentioning that this point applies to both interiors and exteriors. In addition to this, there is the fact that architects must also take into account the elements involved to cover the basic services of the inhabitants when making their designs and executing their works.

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Make no mistake, both professionals work in the field of construction; however, they are involved in different elements and from different points of view. Of course, rather than compete with each other, the reality is that they complement each other.

Civil Engineering or Architecture

The focus of their study plans is different

Seen from an academic point of view, the subjects that each of these careers has differed a lot, despite the fact that both have the intention of preparing professionals in the labor field of construction.

Civil Engineering, on the one hand, has as its main characteristic a common trunk full of subjects from the physical-mathematical area, such as calculus in its different forms, algebra, statistics, kinematics, dynamics, among other related subjects.

On the other hand, the architect has subjects more focused on the area of ​​design and, even, many that focus on the artistic aspect of the design of structures and interiors, so in the curriculum of this career you will find chairs such as art history, color theory, and digital architectural design.

In short, you should choose the one that has the subjects that are most related to what you like and what you are interested in studying. If you have a more mathematical and logical profile, perhaps it is best to study Civil Engineering; On the other hand, if you are someone more creative, architecture is probably your thing.

Civil Engineering or Architecture

Dealing with the client is based on different perspectives

In addition to the points previously discussed, those who seek the service of one of these professionals usually have a different contact between client and professional. This, above all, is evident when finding the expert and making a contract, since, despite being part of the same type of market, his activities are somewhat different, as we will see in the last point.

The most outstanding point of this element is the fact that the architect is usually given the task of selling his work and convincing his client to carry out the design that he is offering, while, on the other hand, in the case of Civil engineers are hired to make sure construction is successful and safe, and materials are used efficiently and optimally.

Civil Engineering or Architecture

The tasks to perform

What I am going to say can perhaps be inferred with the information from the points above, but it is also important to know explicitly what the different tasks that each professional does are. And it is that, by knowing them, you will be able to give yourself a clearer idea of ​​what you are going to do in your job when you graduate.

If you study Civil Engineering, your work will be in the planning and construction of works of all kinds, analysis of structures, design, and management of transport routes, and study of alternatives to take care of the environment when building.

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On the other hand, Architecture will allow you to create spaces that contribute to the improvement of people’s quality of life, monitoring issues such as urban planning, landscaping, and restoration to achieve your goals.

As you can see, although they are similar fields, they are different, so it is important that you identify which is the one that best matches your skills and interests.

Civil Engineering or Architecture

Consclusion: Now you can make the right choice between Civil Engineering or Architecture

Taking these differences into account, it will be much easier for you to choose which of these two careers is the right one for you. Fortunately, the differences are very clear despite how much they have in common. However, only you know what your interests, your talents, and your goals are.

What is highly recommended is that you do not discard any just because. Remember that the job you may have will stay for life. Choose wisely according to your aptitudes!

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