Difference Between Cement Mortar and Concrete: It’s Characteristic

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In this article, I’m going to explain the difference between Cement mortar and concrete and the characteristics of each one, as well as the benefits of working with mortar and professionals.

The materials to develop any work can be similar. However, their use in masonry and construction is often very different. Therefore, it is essential to know the difference between mortar and concrete. In this article, we describe the most relevant ones and what each element consists of.

All about Cement mortar and Concrete

When planning a construction project, it is very common to have doubts about the material that we should use. Therefore, next, we talk about the difference between mortar and concrete.

Main characteristics of the Cement mortar

Mortar is a composition of materials based on cement and sand that is transformed into a very firm product. It is considered the most appropriate for construction work.


  1. It is gray in color and is used to cover gaps in walls and between blocks.
  2. When mixed with water, the cement activates and makes it easier to grip .
  3. It is a very suitable product for joining bricks .
  4. It dries quickly and has a perfect texture.


The main benefits of this material are:

  • Workability, it is malleable .
  • Its plastic and cohesive properties allow you to make the most of it.
  • The cost is much lower compared to lime-based premixed cements and mortars.

Different types of Cement mortar

There are different types of mortar:

  • Portland.
  • to the lime
  • Bastard.
  • Refractory.
  • Line.
  • For boards.
  • Fast and ultra-fast setting.

Main characteristics of cement

Cement is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals and hardens quickly. It is used for the construction of buildings.

Cement has certain characteristics:

  1. It is an easily manageable material , since it solidifies as it dries.
  2. Its composition is based on limestone .
  3. It is combined with other materials such as iron ore.
  4. It requires water and other aggregates to form the mortar.

What is the difference between mortar and concrete?

If we are not used to working with concrete and mortar, there will always be a doubt about the difference between mortar and concreteThe two mixtures are based on cement to join the elements that compose them.

The Mortar:

  • Mortar is made up of water and sand.
  • The consistency is lxighter than that of concrete.
  • It is not used to build structures.

The concrete:

  • It supports great loads due to its rigidity and resistance.
  • It cannot be replaced by concrete.

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